About Paloma Wilder

Artist. Designer. Goldsmith.

My journey into goldsmithing began in the workshop's of darkened theaters between Chicago and Milwaukee. I worked as a craftswoman making opulent 20’s costume jewelry and Edwardian hats for the stage. In the theater we would work as a team to produce detailed pieces for a five minute dance across the stage before that accessory was tossed into the attic of archives..the purgatory of costumes.  



It was in those soul searching years that I found my voice in goldsmithing: the chance to make a piece of art that could live on through generations. After studying under masters of the trade, honing carving and setting skills, I built a shop capable of creating fine jewelry from wax to metal. Most of my collection starts as an idea in my studio and moves through production, never leaving my studio. Through imagination and dedication to the craft, I’ve worked to create a brand that interweaves the love of visual story-telling with a tradition of fine craftsmanship. 



Each piece of Paloma Wilder’s collection begins with a narrative and through artistry and skill, we are able to create a hint of that world. In every piece of jewelry, you might find a whim of philosophical musing or echo of an aesthetic steeped in history and myth.


I hope that the jewelry I craft invokes the same sense of wonder you feel when staring into the eye of a flower or discovering a snail the size of a grain of sand. The small collections we release are meant to pull at the stings of your imagination and serve as a memento of those pieces of time trapped in bliss.

I am lucky to have a team of dreamers that work with me to make even the wildest ideas come to realization. It's my hope that the artists at Paloma Wilder can do the same for you!

~Paloma Wilder


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