Four rings created from heirloom gold: a perfectly mismatched set. Each ring could be worn alone, but together they harmonize, creating a little symbolic ecosystem. At the hull of our vessel sits a bezel set garnet, followed by a soft pebbled band with scattered diamonds. In a reef below, a Pearl sleeps in a current inspired cove. Our final ring, holds four descending diamonds, bubbling around in a soft curve. Each ring is touched by sandy, matte finish and cast in a cooling white gold. Overall aesthetic takes organic shapes and textures, marrying them with a contemporary design.



1) Bow Solitaire: heirloom Garnet, bezel set, upward bow shaped shank 14k white gold Sz 6.75

2) Pebble Beach Band: six heirloom diamonds, delicate pebble texture to mirror heirloom ring, half round shank, waved profile 14k white gold Sz 6.75

3) Little Cove Ring: heirloom pearl, walled setting to protect stone, asymmetrical placement, liquid aesthetic 14k white gold Sz 6.75

4) Soft Wake Band: heirloom diamonds, four settings arranged in a soft crescent, half round shank 14k white gold Sz 6.75




Down payment (1/3 payments) 316.

Full estimate 950.

CUSTOM: Waves of Love Stacking Set