Rough Sapphires trail along a delicate hand spun 14k gold chain, bonding together a glowing set of solid hand carved medallions. Dual rings on a round inverse link symbolise the infinite pledge of two. This garland of beads leads to the crown pendant: by an ovular charm featuring a hand carved sacred heart. A rich blend of symbolism from Spanish and Greek origins, the sacred heart connects the Madonna, Venus and Nimrod, the bearer of golden arrows..

To be worn by those who reign as lovers and kneel at the altar of Eros. Shown here with a full 7 inches of length, 2 inches of curb chain allow for sizing to fit any wrist. An oversized spring ring makes for ease in wearing and removal.

Cult of Eros Prayer Beads

    • Shown in 14k yellow gold
    • Approximately 50 rough sapphires, 2-3mm in width
    • Hand wrapped beaded chain in 14k yellow gold
    • 11mm round connecting link in14k with dual ring detail
    • 12x20mm oblong pendant in 14k, with sacred heat detail
    • 7" in length with extra links for sizing
    • made entirely by hand in the Wilder studio, please allow for 8-9 weeks to create