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Why do we turn to beauty to express ourselves and what does it mean at its core? Beauty extends beyond what we see with our eyes, it can be found in where a piece of art came from and how it came to be.


A diamond holds brilliance objectively but in our studio, environmental ethics and mining practices come first in determining it’s value. As designers, we hold the loupe to the eyes of the world. We are dedicated to shifting the vision to kindness, inclusion, and a better earth for all of us.


After calling the bench home for five years under the watchful eyes of master’s of the trade, I fully immersed myself into the world of fully hand crafted jewelry and opened Paloma Wilder Studio. My dream took off in late 2018, complete with a private showroom and beautiful workshop curated with an abundance of hanging plants and greenery.  


By focusing on my clients and a dedication to the craft, I’ve worked to create a method of collaboration that interweaves the love of visual story-telling with a tradition of fine craftsmanship. My hope is that the pieces we design together will live on through generations.

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