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BOND is a permanent bracelet welded in place ...

one spark and you'll have a little bit of tinsel on you all the time! Personalize with charms, initials, or gemstones, to make the clasp-less BOND  truly yours. 

Stop by our studio located in the historic Bertelson Building

2105 N Prospect Ave

Thur & Fri 2-7pm

Sat & Sun 12-5pm

Walk-ins welcome!

Bracelets, Anklets, Necklaces, and Charms.

Solid 14k starting at $165

 Gold Fill, and Sterling Silver Bracelets starting at $56

View our Chains HERE

Book an Appointment

Have a specific time in mind? Want to avoid the wait?

Book an appointment today! Each 15 min slot can accommodate up to 3 BOND-ings. 

(Booking Fee is applied to your order on arrival)

Studio Appointmet Booking
  • Bracelets Anklets Charms and more at our Studio!

    15 min

    35 US dollars

Weddings & Private Parties

Do you have a party of 8 or more, or a special event planned that you want to be even more special-er? Whether it's you and your friends in our studio, a private event at your home, or your entire wedding party at the venue of your choice, we have BOND experience package to fit your needs!!

Want to give the gift of BOND?


Or come visit us at one of our

Upcoming POP -UPs !


Sun May 19


Walk-Ups Only

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Sat June 15


Walk-Ups Only

ROsePopUpWebArt copy.jpg

Sun May 26


Walk-Ups Only

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June 20 - July 6

Summerfest Pavillion


Walk-Ups Only

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Sun June 2


Walk-Ups Only


Sat August 3

Mequon Craft Fair


Walk-Ups Only



  • Bonding takes just a few minutes and is totally painless. Because this bracelet doesn't have a clasp, it's sometimes called the forever bracelet. It will stay on until it wears thin and breaks off, or you decide to nip it off. If you need to take the bracelet off at home, we recommend that you use a scissors and cut through the jump ring.

  • All pricing is for 7 inches of bracelet, most wrists will accommodate this sizing. An additional charge may be applied for Solid 14ky Bracelets over 7 inches



Gold fill or solid gold?  Here over at Paloma Wilder we love solid gold jewelry. Here's the breakdown of both options:

  • The 14 karat gold option will stand the test of time and can be turned into an heirloom worthy bracelet with a clasp at anytime.  Solid 14 karat gold is long-lasting and has a market value. It glitters beautifully  and can be reused and repurposed.  It's also a great option for those with sensitive skin. 

  • The 14 karat gold FILL option has just as much glitz as your 14 karat gold at a portion of the price. This is not a plated piece of jewelry which will wear off quickly. Gold filled jewelry has 100 times more gold in the product than a plated piece. It is considered hypoallergenic,  the very core is a base metal while a thick exterior is 14 karat gold.



  • If you'd like to book a party or small soiree, you can request that through the inquiry page on the website.  Stop by with all of your bridesmaids, book in for your bar mitzvah, plan a sister date, make a pit stop in with a party of friends: let's get you booked!



  • This bracelet can live with you for years, but it's all dependent on your lifestyle. If it's worn off over time or you've taken it off at home, just schedule an appointment to have it re-bonded or have a clasp put on.

  • BOND  bracelets  can be lightly cleaned with a toothbrush and soapy water  An abrasive like toothpaste will scratch the surface of your piece. Pools, hot tubs, and certain household cleaners can slowly degrade your bracelet over years of exposure.



  • Cost of Booking is a non-refundable deposit.

  • We will do our best to accommodate changes in appointments. Please contact us if you cannot make it or simply reschedule using the initial link in your email! 

  • If you have to cancel or can't show up to your appointment, your voucher is still good. Just reach out through The BOND booking app and we'll fit you in within the next 60 days. Vouchers past 60 days become a refund in the form of a store credit.

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