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You spoke and I listened: the beloved Solar Divide Set is here in a lower karat featuring a blushing gold and one precious star-lit diamond! I'm doing a limited run: a rose gold edition to celebrate the kind of love that makes you flush! 



Made with a blushing 10k, this set is a little easier on the pocketbook but keeps all the glamour of gold. Specifically formulated, my 10 karat gold alloy is meant to echo the soft pink hues you find in heirloom jewelry: just a hint of rose petal and a splash of champagne. The limited edition features a deco sun with extended rays and a lovely yolk of a center finished in a bright mirror polish.

The lunar half of the set displays a dainty waning moon that nests a star-lit 1pt diamond in it's crescent with the same brilliant finish. 



10k Rose Gold Solar Divide Set

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