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“Almost every particle in the universe was once part of a star.
First, hydrogen condensing and collapsing, bringing radiance to the void.
Furnaces burning bright, then fading, giving all they had left back into the cosmos.
Carbon and oxygen. Iron and gold.
Vast clouds swirling with their own gravity. Coalescing and disintegrating.
Generation to generation.
The remnants of stellar alchemy, stirring into life, then consciousness.
Crawling from the oceans. Taking to the skies.
And from there, back to the stars that birthed them.
A perfect circle.” 
― Amie Kaufman, Illuminae




The Equinox Ring:

A little momento of the passage of time with a nod to the sky on the day in which the earth's equator passes through the center of the sun and the light of day is perfectly equal to the dark of night. A reminder of the inherient balance in the universe, life, and all things.

All the brightest stars around Venus are mapped out in this tiny little planetarium. Nestled in a golden hollow, a wearable little star-lit cavern features six round brilliant diamonds. 

Hand-carved in 14k yellow gold and brushed with a lovely satin finish that almost makes this little ring glow on your finger.


Cup of Stars

    • Shown in 14k yellow gold
    • RIng shank features a soft knife edge

    • 12mm "planetarium" features a 1.8mm center diamond with 5 orbiting diamonds of descending size

    • Each ring is hand carved and cast in studio, please allow for 6-8 weeks to create this piece

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