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Designed to be a piece of wearable meditation, the Deus Hand Triplet encompasses both the glistering energy of the sun and the tranquility of the sea. A juicy Sunstone drips from the wrist of the Deus Hand followed by a baroque rice pearl. The hand gesture, known as the Varada Mudra, is found in Buddhist art and presented by the icons of Dharmic religions. This resting hand, symbolizes giving and generosity. Emitting symbols of the sun and the sea, the blessing this hand bestows is in the form of divine beauty, the source of all life, and tides of our souls. An enchanted adornment indeed.




Deus Hand Triplet

  • Cast and finished by hand in our Milwaukee studio.

    Solid 14k yellow gold.

    5mm Sunstones

    2-3mm baroque rice pearls

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